E-Voting Implemented

Come see technology in action

The management of Kyambogo University has, in a bid to go electronic, introduced E-voting which is a system that will be used during election periods


Kyambogo University E-Learning Management System

Online Programmes for the Institut Superiuer de Technologies (IST) and Partners to be offered at Kyambogo University Learning Centre for 2017/2018 Academic Year

1 Magement of Examinations Process

The purpose of this document is to provide a guideline for the Management and processing of results in accordance with the Kyambogo University Examinations Regulations. Results management and processing in this guide covers three key sections, namely:

  1. Management of Examination
  2. Processing of Results
  3. Payment for Teaching and Examination related activities

The Management of Examinations encompasses the administration of: correspondence with staff, setting course works and examinations, moderation of examinations, sanctions in case of failure abide rules set, special consideration requests, and examination invigilation.

The Processing of results includes the administration of: receiving course works and examination marks, entering the marks, processing the marks, approvals of results, publishing results and sanctions in case of failure to abide by the set guidelines.

The guide shall apply when the university transits to fully computerized management and processing of results.

pdfkyambogoDownload Full PDF for Management of Examinations Process 


2 Kyambogo University Examinations Regulations 


Examinations Regulations for Bachelors Degree, Diploma and Certificate of Kyambogo University.

pdfkyambogo Download full PDF for Exams REgulations at Kyambogo University