E-Voting Implemented

Come see technology in action

The management of Kyambogo University has, in a bid to go electronic, introduced E-voting which is a system that will be used during election periods


Kyambogo University E-Learning Management System

Online Programmes for the Institut Superiuer de Technologies (IST) and Partners to be offered at Kyambogo University Learning Centre for 2017/2018 Academic Year


This section offers degree (BED – Primary) courses to diploma holder primary teachers who have served for at least three years after their previous training.
They offer the following courses:
Year 1

Semester 1

LE 111: Introduction to Linguistics 
LE 112: The Structure of Selected Languages & Language transfer in Language Learning 
LE 113 : Adult Language Learning
LE 114 : Linguistics, Stylistics & Literature

Semester II

LE 121 : Psycholinguistics and Language Learning 
LE 122 : Sociolinguistics, Language Learning & Planning 
LE 123 : Research Methods in Language Teaching 
LE 124 : African Oral Literature 

Year II 

Semester 1

LE 211: Language curriculum Design and Development,& Materials Preparation 
LE 212: Professional English 
EL 213: Literature 

Semester II

LE 221 : Methodology of Language and Literature Teaching 
LE 222 : Language Testing and Evaluation 
LE 223 : Literary Creative Arts