Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Education (BED), Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA.ED.), Bachelor of Arts in Arts (BAA) and Master of Arts in Religious Studies (MA)

Undergraduate Courses Offered

The department offers the following undergraduate courses: 
Phenomenology of Religion, Introduction to Ethics, The Old Testament, Introduction to Islam, Introduction to the Bible, World Religions, New Testament, Research Methods, Introduction to Philosophy, Social Ethics, Sociology of Religion, Systematic Theology, Islamic Theology and Traditions, Introduction to Study of Qur’an, R.E. Methods, Peace Education and Conflict Resolution, Church History, African Traditional Religion, Religious Education Methods, Religion and Gender, Research Methods, History of Islamic Civilization, Professional Ethics, Worship in Society, Ethics and Environmental Management, Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Religion and Human Rights, , Islamic Jurisprudence, Hadith Methodology and Literature, New Religious Movements, Practical Entrepreneurship, Islamic Development in Africa, History of Christianity in Sub-Sahara in Africa, African Christian Theology, Liberation Theology, History of Religions in Uganda, Modern Islamic Movements, Philosophy and History of Muslim Education


Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Master of Arts in Religious Studies has three main specializations: Biblical studies, Ethics, and Islamic studies. We also offer a few theological, philosophical and church History courses. The following are the courses we are offering on the M.A. Programme: 
Research Methodology, Language I ( Hebrew, Greek and Arabic), 
Bible Customs and Culture, 
Phenomenology of Religion 
Modern Movements of Islam
African Christian Theology, 
Interpretation of the Bible 
History of Christianity in Africa 
Islam in the Contemporary World 
Ethics of Peace and Conflict Management 
African Religious Experience 
Language II ( Either German or French))
A Comparative study of Religion 
Old Testament Studies 
New Testament Studies 
Contemporary Muslim Theology 
Religion and Human Rights 
Islamic Ethics 
Social and Political Philosophy 
Business Ethics 

Postgraduate Diplomas

As a service department we teach Religious Education methods to students doing: 
-Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
-Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education (PGTE)


-We are soon introducing courses in Philosophy to our Bachelor of Arts in Arts Programme
-Pending approval of National Council of Higher Education, we shall soon introduce an others subject called Gender and Development to Bachelor of Arts in Arts Programme.


The department is in the process of reaching out for linkages with other Universities, but as of now Makerere University is the only university that has a long standing relationship with our department. I welcome any department or university interested in establishing a relationship with us as a department.

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