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News and Events in the University

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You are most welcome to this page of the Department of Teacher Education & Development Studies, one of the largest Departments in the University in terms of staff, size, structure programmes and the mandate from the Ministry of Education & Sports.


In the early 1980s Makerere University Kampala (MUK) extended its campuses to Nakawa, National Teachers College (NTC) Kyambogo and Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo. The National Institute of Education (NIE) of MUK then was transferred 0 the then NTC Kyambogo. Later at the former NTC Kyambogo, the Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK) was formed. This Institute (ITEK) did not replace the National Institute of Education (NIE). The former NIE was compressed into the Department of Teacher Education and Extension. This Department retained all the responsibilities of the former NIE which had initially occupied almost the whole current School of Education in Makerere University·.· From the onset in ITEK, this department had the highest number of lecturers and part-timers. This is because a fully fledged institution, NIE, had been compressed into just a department. Efforts to restructure it into an Institute or School of Education were futile because administration then could not consider having an institute within a other institute.

At the close of 2000/01ITEK Academic year, the department of Teacher Education and Extensions (DTE & E) had the following big Sections which would each e a department in itself:

  1. Curriculum Studies
  2. Teacher Education
  3. Early Childhood Development
  4. Distance Education
  5. Language Education
  6. Development Studies

In 2003, Kyambogo University was formed from a merger of the three institutions in Kyambogo. The formation and beginning of Kyambogo University complicated the staffing situation of the Department of Teacher Education and Extension. The following Sections were just added to the already amorphous department of Teacher Education & Extension:

1.The Human Resource Development Department of former UPK

2.The Technical Teacher Education (TTE) Faculty of former UPK

Development Studies grew stronger as a Section in the Department when it developed the Bachelor of Development Studies Programme. Consequently, the department was renamed
Teacher Education and Development Studies (T.E & DS). 

The NPT labs Launch

Openning of the NPT labs for first us


The 13th Graduation Hosting the First Lady

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The Freshers Ball 2016

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Now in Pictures and video

Sociology End Of Year

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Kyambogo End of Year 2016 Party

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