E-Voting Implemented

Come see technology in action

The management of Kyambogo University has, in a bid to go electronic, introduced E-voting which is a system that will be used during election periods


Kyambogo University E-Learning Management System

Online Programmes for the Institut Superiuer de Technologies (IST) and Partners to be offered at Kyambogo University Learning Centre for 2017/2018 Academic Year

Programmes offered 

       1.      Bachelor of Teacher Education

       2.      Bachelor of Development Studies

       3.      Bachelor of Arts (Development Studies)

       4.      BA, BSe, B.VOe, with Education  

       5.      Bachelor of Education I

       6.      Diploma in Education Secondary  

       7.      Post Graduate Diploma in Teacher Education  

       8.      Post Graduate Diploma in Education 


Extension Programmes

      ITEK inherited the NIE mandate of Managing Curriculum Development, examination and certification of Primary Teacher Education (PTE). Consequently, Kyambogo University assumed this mandate. This Technical mandate was added on the already over-flowing load in the Department of Teacher Education & Development Studies in the Faculty of Education, hence the. need and justification to form the School of Teacher Education to concentrate
majorly on Teacher Education development in Uganda with the following Departments:

        1.    Teacher Education & Extension

        2.    Early Childhood Education

        3.    Education Methods


  The most outstanding linkage with the Department is the Ministry of Education & sports with the particular focus of managing Teacher Education in Uganda.