Current staff in the Faculty of Education 2009/2010 Academic Year

1. Full- Time Academic Staff

a) Department of Educational Psychology

i) Mr.Auma Okumu S. - HOD/Senior Lecturer
ii) Mr.Byamugisha G - Lecturer
iii) Mr.Ntare E.Rutondoki - Lecturer
iv) Mr.Baguwemu Ayub A - Lecturer
v) Mr.Akolong Samuel - Lecturer
vi) Mr.Kagari James R - Lecturer
vii) Mrs.Bunoti Sarah N - Assistant Lecturer
viii) Ms.Ojambo Deborah - Assistant Lecturer
viv) Mr.Kibedi Henry Kasawo - Assistant Lecturer
xi) Ms.Namusoke Jane - Teaching Assistant
x) Mr.Mayengo Nathaniel - Teaching Assistant
xi) Ms.Naiga Annet Diori - Teaching Assistant
xii) Mr.Kyansuku Godfrey - Teaching Assistant
xiii) Mr.Kalibaza Stephen - Teaching Assistant

b) Department of Foundations of Education

i) Mr.Semanda Enosi - HOD/Lecturer
ii) Ms.Namyalo Geraldine - Lecturer
iii) Ms.Opit Elizabeth - Lecturer
iv) Mr.Kuteesa M.D - Assistant Lecturer
v) Mr.Bagonza Godfrey - Teaching Assistant
vi) Ms.Tuhairwe Fulgencia - Teaching Assistant
vii) Mr.Kilimani Nicholas - Assistant Lecturer

c. Department of Educational Planning & Management

i) Ms.Mbabazi E.G - HOD/Lecturer
ii) Mr.Kateshumbwa E - Lecturer
iii) Ms.Nabawanuka Phoebe - Lecturer
iv) Tusiime M.H - Assistant Lecturer
v) Mr.Owino Philips - Assistant Lecturer
vi) Mr.Rutagarukayo David - Assistant Lecturer
vii) Mr.Okongo Wilberforce - Assistant Lecturer
viv) Mr.Rwakijuma K - Assistant Lecturer
xi) Mr.Ouno John - Teaching Assistant
x) Mr.Rwothumio Joseph - Teaching Assistant
xi) Mr.Kasule George - Teaching Assistant

d) Department of Distance Education

i) Mr.Okot Daniel - HOD/Lecturer
ii) Mr.Otto Aron Yona - Senior Lecturer
iii) Mr.Sebukalu Semakula Paul - Lecturer
iv) Mr.Meya Andrew - Assistant Lecturer

e) Department of Teacher Education and Development Studies

i) Mr.Bakaira Godfrey - HOD/Lecturer
ii) Ms.Akello Katherine Joy - Teaching Assistant
iii) Mrs.Muheirwe Monica - Lecturer
iv) Mrs.Lubega K.Margaret - Lecturer
v) Mr.Kyakulumbye A.K - Lecturer
vi) Mrs.Kabahamba Ameri F - Lecturer
vii) Mr.Baguma Abel B - Lecturer
viii) Mrs. Kyambadde Njuki R - Lecturer
ix) Sr.Dr.Kaahwa M.G - Lecturer
x) Mrs.Mbaga Suubi- Isiko - Lecturer
xi) Mr.Maani John S - Lecturer
xii) Mr.Bwayo John K - Lecturer
xiii) Beigaruraho B.K.A - Lecturer
xiv) Mrs.Opendi V.N - Lecturer
xv) Mr.Jongo Atwooki - Lecturer
xvi) Ms.Geria Gloria - Lecturer
xvii) Mr.Okello Benson - Lecturer
xviii) Mr.Ddungu Kafuluma Mukasa - Assistant Lecturer
xix) Rev.Zinomuhanigi B.M - Assistant Lecturer
xx) Sr.Busingye Evangelista - Assistant Lecturer
xxi) Ms. Nakidde C.K - Assistant Lecturer
xxii) Mr.Ejuu Godfrey - Teaching Assistant
xxiii) Ms. Asiimwe Florence - Teaching Assistant
xxiv) Rev.Lubaale Grace - Assistant Lecturer
xxv) Dr.Ndawula Stephen - Lecturer
xxvi) Mr.Nyanzi- Kabanda Muhammed - Teaching Assistant
xxvii) Mr.Ngobi Henry David - Assistant Lecturer
xxviii) Dr. Kaheeru– Katigo, Jokshan - Senior Lecturer and
Dean, Faculty of Education


2. Part- Time Staff

The Faculty of Education engages a number of part time staff in its
departments from time to time. The names of these may be availed on special request from the departments.

3. Administrative Staff

i) Ms. Alice Mbabazi - Administrative Assistant
ii) Mrs.Rose Ekol - Administrative Assistant,
Distance Education
iii) Ms.Evelyne Nyamahunge - Administrative Assistant
iv) Ms Rebecca Mpalanyi - Accounts Assistant
v) Mr.Onenchan Dominic - Technician, TE&DS
vi) Ms.Aningo Jessica - Secretary, Dean’s Office
vii) Ms.Ziraba Lillian - Secretary, Distance
Education Dept
viii) Ms.Maria Namagembe - Secretary,TE&DS
ix) Ms.Achieng Annet - Secretary,FED
x) Ms.Alaisha Ndugwa - Secretary,EPM

4. Contract Staff

i) Mr.Gerald Mugumya - Administrative Assistant
ii) Ms.Nairuba Faridah - Secretary, Psychology

5. Support Staff

i) Ms. Nalubega Dorothy
ii) Ms.Kitaka Aida
iii) Ms.Aisha Namusisi
iv) Ms.Saidat Nakiwala
v) Mr.Olami Fredrick


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