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    Patrick Ojok, Ph.D.

    Lecturer and Head, Department of Community & Disability Studies


    PARTIC OJOKDr. Patrick Ojok is a Lecturer at Kyambogo University and the present Head of the Department of Community & Disability Studies. His specialization and research interests are disability policy, inclusive education, employment, accessible information and communication technology, and intellectual disability. Since joining the department in 2009, Dr. Ojok served in different capacities as research coordinator, fieldwork and community practice coordinator, and departmental head. He is presently developing a masterÔÇÖs program in disability studies and inclusive development. Aside from university work.

    Dr. Ojok is a trainer and consultant on inclusive education. He has trained primary teachersÔÇÖ college tutors and primary school teachers on inclusive education pedagogy on the request by the Ministry of Education and Sports, Local governments and civil society organizations. Dr. Ojok has also supported the Ministry of Education & Sports in developing a national policy on inclusive education. He is part of the team of experts currently developing the Quality Assurance Guidelines on Disability for higher education institutions in East Africa. Dr. Ojok has served for over twenty years as a teacher and leader at university, tertiary and primary school levels. He served as Deputy Head teacher of Laroo School of Way Affected Children in Gulu district and was for a long time an active TeachersÔÇÖ Union leader, a Board member of an NGO, a studentsÔÇÖ mentor with Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) Uganda Chapter and a Patron to studentsÔÇÖ cultural associations. Dr. Ojok presently serves as peer reviewer for three international academic journals. He holds a Ph.D. in disability studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a masterÔÇÖs and bachelorÔÇÖs degrees in special needs education from the University of Oslo and Kyambogo University respectively. He has presented academic papers at scientific conferences on disability policy and inclusive education at national and international conferences. 

    On going Research Projects

    1. Access and utilization of information and communication technology by students with visual impairment in UgandaÔÇÖs public universities. (Postdoctoral research)
    2. Mbaazi, F, Ojok, P. & Nizeyimana, P. Inclusion of children with neuro-cognitive disabilities: a pilot on-job mentoring support program in Wakiso and Kampala. (Collaborative research)
    3. Aldimkhi, B. & Ojok, P. Physical activity status and barriers to participation by university students with disabilities. (Collaborative research)

    Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

    Ojok, P. (2013). Beyond Legislation: Implementing the employment provisions of the Persons with Disabilities Act of Uganda 2006ÔÇÖ. Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 31(3), 343-358.

    Ojok, P. & Wormnaes, S. (2012). Inclusion of Pupils with Intellectual Disabilities: A Survey of Primary School TeachersÔÇÖ Attitudes and willingness in a Rural Area in Uganda. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 17(9), 1003-1021.

    Parker Harris, S., Gould, R., Ojok, P., Fjuira, G., Jones, R., & Olmstead IV, A. (2014). Scoping Review of the Americans with Disabilities Act: What Research Exists, and Where do we go from Here? Disability Studies Quarterly, 34(3).

    Gould, R., Parker Harris, S., Fujiura, G., Jones, R., Ojok, P., & Perez, K. (2015). Assessing the ADAÔÇÖs social impact: A rapid evidence review of the ADA research on Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions. Disability Studies Quarterly.


    Patrick Ojok, Ph.D.

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