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The department of Human Nutrition and Home Economics currently has a total of 8 appointed full time teaching members only: 06 lecturers and 03 Assistant Lecturers. The support staffs are 04: 2 Technicians 01 secretary and 01 office attendant.

Academic Staff

The department depends heavily on part timers. The tables below indicate names and qualifications of the teaching staff and courses handled during this academic year 2010 / 2011 (two semesters).


 1  Ahimbisibwe Stanley PHD Student, Msc. Food Microbiology. (MuK) Bsc. Food Science , Sokoine  Lecturer  Full time
 2  Efata Cecily Bsc.H/Eco (Nairobi ) PGDE (MAK) Msc. Applied Human Nutrition (Nairobi Univ.)  Lecturer  Full time
 3  Isingoma Evelyne BEd (MUK) Dip. Hotel &Inst. Catering. Msc. App. Nut. Dip.Ed  Lecturer  Full time
 4  Muhoozi Grace Msc. Applied Human Nutrition (Nairobi )
 Lecturer  Full time
 5  Muyonga Faith Msc. Applied Nutrition. Univ. of Nairobi
Bsc. FST(MuK) PGD FST (Netherlands)
 Lecturer  Full time
 6  Nambozo Sarah Dip.Educ.(ITEK)BED(MuK) Msc. Applied Nut (Completing thesis ) Assistant Lecturer  Full time
 7  Ojera Getrude Msc. Public Health (Moi Univ.)Bed H/Econ (MuK) Dip .Ed. (MuK)  Lecturer  Full time
 8 Rukundo Peter Msc. Nut. Health & Enviromental Science , Bsc. HUND (KyU) Assistant Lecturer Full time
 9 Tenhwa Florence MSc. Textile Science & Design Kenyatta University BED Home Econ. (MuK)
Dip Ed (MuK)
Lecturer Full time
1 Wefafa Jimmy     Part time

Nekesa Rebecca Patricia

MA Voc. Training Constructing Modeling & Fashion Design BA Pedagogy Dip. In Cosmetology Cert. Cookery   Part time
3 Nakyobe Safinah MVP (KyU) BLHM (MUK)   Part time
4 Sunday Emmanuel MA PPM   Part time
5 Luutu David     Part time
6 Nganda Trevelyn Aidah  MVP (Norway) BVoc. (KyU)   Part time
7 Ojok Wilfred     Part time
8 Asiimwe Jacent K. MSc. Nut. Health & Enviromental Science , BSc. HUND (KyU)   Part time
9 Wabwire Juliet     Part time
10 Kizza Justine Bingi MSc. Applied Human Nutrition (MUK) B.Ed. Dip. Educ.   Part time
11 Mwebesa Andrew Muhame  MSc. Food Quality Mgt.BSc. Agric. Majored in Food Science & Technology (Alexander Univ.)   Part time
12 Akiteng Rhoda B.Ed. (Home Economics (KyU) Dip. In Educ. (ITEK)   Part time
13 Ajambo Lucy MSc. Textile Science & Design Kenyatta University BED Home Econ. (MuK) Dip Ed (MuK)   Part time
14 Bangi Prossy MSc. FST (MUK) BSc. FST (Gent Univ. Belgium)   Part time
15 Okello-Okello Francis MSc. In Hospitality and Mgt. & Tourism (Sweden) B.Com. (MUK) Dip. In Accounting UDBS (MUBS)   Part time
 16  Gafuma Samuel  MSc. Bio Technology Speciality Agro Food & Bio Process Technology PGD Project Planning Mgt. BSc. FST Univ. of Agric. (Sokone)   Part time
17 Jagwe Ronald MSc. Applied Human Nurition Certt. Project Planning ^ Mgt. Coomunication & Advocacy (UMI) BSc. FST (MUK)   Part time
18 Kaddumukasa Phoebe MSc. FST (MUK) BSc. (MUK)   Part time
19 Kyenkya Rachel MSc. HRM Computer Training (UMI) BSc. Ed. Cert. Fashion Design & Garment Making *Evelyn College   Part time
20 Lubowa Ronald BSc. Human Nutrition & Dietetics (KyU) Mangusho Gilbert MSc, Applied Human Nutrition BSc. Biochemistry   Part time
21 Mutauza Simon (Dr.) MBCHB MMEDCP MPH   Part time
22 Kamukama Saul MSc. Public Health PGD Project Planning Mgt (UMI)
  Part time
23 Kalanda Eric Bachelor Catering (MUK) PGDE (Home economics)   Part time
24 Kalumira Francis MSc. AHN (Submitted (Thesis) (MUK) B.Voc. (KyU)   Part time
25 Ruteemu Kyomugisha Connie Dip. Fashion Design (Evelyn College of Design Nairobi) Cert. Coursework Assessment & Fashion Design (City & Guilds (London)   Part time
26 Gudoi Davis BSc. Maths & Chemistry (MUK)PGD in Industrial Mgt.Dip. In Textile Technology   Part time
 27  Kundu Khalayi Rose Mugabi MEPP (candidate) (KyU)B.Ed.Dip. Ed. (KyU)
Cert. in Diet Improvement for Women Leaders
  Part time
 28  Nakibirango Harriet B.Ed. (KyU)Dip. Educ. Home Economics (KyU)   Part time
 29  Nanono Kiwanuka Milly B.Ed. (KyU)   Part time
 30  Sempa Judith MSc. Applied Human Nutrition (candidate) BSc. FST (MUK)   Part time
 31  Kimani Muthuri     Part time
 32  Begaruraho Bazaare (Mrs)     Part time
 33  Ochwa Bineka MSc. Hospitality Tourism Mgt.BA Catering & Mgt. (MUBS) Dip. In Hotel Institutional Catering (MUBS)   Part time
 34  Kato Peterson Kikomeko MSc. Nutrition, Health and Environmental Science (Akershus Univ. College BSc. Human Nutrition &Dietetics (KyU)   Part time
 35  Kyahurwa Birungi Paskazia MVP Vocational Pedagogy B.Ed. Home Economics 
DTE Home Economics Grade III Teachers Certificate
  Part time
 36  Abdu Salim Rais  MA Kiswahili Student   Part time
 37  Irama Charles Vudra  MSc. Applied Human Nutrition (candidate) (MUK) B.Ed. Agric. (KyU)   Part time
 38  Bulega Wilson     Part time
 39  Achieng Rebecca     Part time
40 Nnam Ruth B.Ed. (MUK) Dip. Ed.   Part time
41 Nanyonga Stella MSc. Chemist (MUK) BSc. Chemistry    Part time
42 Mangusho Gilbert MSc, Applied Human Nutrition BSc. Biochemistry   Part time