This department is responsible for general administration of the University and the University Secretary is the Accounting Officer of the University, reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor.

1.  The main functions of the department include:-
i)   To ensure efficient and effective financial management that ensures value for money.
ii)  To improve the administrative and organizational arrangement of the University with a view to achieving efficiency and effectiveness in all sections.
iii)  To streamline the establishment of teaching and non-teaching staff with a view to putting in place a salary structure that reflects respective job requirements, relative value and qualifications.
iv)   To streamline recruitment and promotion system at the University.
v)   To implement the terminal benefits policies for staff as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of service.
vi)  To initiate and develop personnel policies that can attract and retain qualified and competent staff.
vii) To co-ordinate and implement human resource management policies.

2.  Key Outputs
i)    Finances of the University efficiently managed and accounted for.
ii)   Administrative and organizational arrangements of the University improved to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.
iii)  A salary structure that can attract and retain qualified and competent staff put in place.
iv)  Personnel policies developed and implemented.
v)  Terminal benefits policies implemented.