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Ag. DVC AA Hands Over

The DVC Finance and Admin P rof. Fabian Nabugoomu preside over the hand over of former AG. DVC Academic Affairs to Prof. Maria G.N Musoke the new DVC Academic Affairs.

IIC4 Conference

    The department was initially proposed at the time of the restructuring of Kyambogo University by a Consultant, K2 Informatics, on the realization of the gap that had existed with regard to the planning function at the University. The University Council and its committees also a number of times expressed concern that the University did not have a designated department to perform the planning role.
    During the process of the implementation of the restructuring report, the University decided that the creation of the Planning and Development Department be one of the priority concerns to be addressed.


    The department of Planning and Development was formerly set up in 2007 as one of the administrative departments, which is to play a key role in the academic and organizational management of the University.

    In broad terms, the Planning and Development Department is mandated to generate planning awareness and steer the University into a systematic planning process and coordinate all planning activities in the University including coordination of resource mobilization efforts. The department is to provide guidance to all the departments and faculties in all planning matters e.g. project development, implementation monitoring and evaluation.

    Outline of the Mandate of the Planning and development Department :

    i). Guiding the University Corporate and Institutional Development activities. This includes initiation of short, medium and long term plans as well as formulation of strategic goals and coordination of the implementation of plans monitoring and evaluation.
    ii). Alignment of the University budget proposals with the strategic goals of the University. This means working closely with the finance department to prepare output oriented recurrent budgets and liaising with the Bursar and Estates Section and other relevant departments in the preparation of the University Capital Development Budgets.
    iii). Guiding the Process of Academic Planning

    This includes academic programmes planning, especially the assessment of economic recurrent implications of all new programmes as well as existing programmes, thereby appraising them for determining their viability, determination of optimal establishments for effective teaching and guiding the process of market analysis among others. Academic planning also involves initiation of mechanisms for enhancing internal and external efficiencies of the University.

    iv). Develop guidelines for coordination and liaison capacity of all collaborative linkages for development, covering;
    - National Institutional Linkages.
    - Regional and International Linkages.
    - Standardizing the linkage documents and other arrangements.

    v). Coordination of the designing and development of the University Information and Communication Technology system and developing capacity for collection, processing storage and maintenance of retrievable central database for guiding management decision making.

    vi). Coordination of all development projects (local and donor funded) as well as monitoring the implementation of all programmes and projects.

    vii). Interpretation of Government Planning and other policy frameworks on Education with particular reference to higher education, and liaison with the Government authorities and agencies.

    viii). Initiation and or coordination of the implementation of diagnostic Research/Studies on the external and internal efficiency of the University.

    ix). Initiation and promotion of resource mobilization efforts in the University.

    x). Contributing to the generation of business and preparing papers for the Planning and Development Committee of Council.





     1  Mr. Tegyeza Joses

    Director Planning and Development

     2  Mr.Galiwango Dereck

    Senior Planning Officer (Planning and Budgeting)

     3  Mr. Balitta Christopher

    Senior Planning Officer      ( Monitoring & Evaluation)

    4  Mrs. Irene Namuli Omeke

    Planning Officer

    5  Mrs. Juliet Nakayiza Nyombi

    Administrative Assistant

     6  Mrs. Businge Prossy

    Administrative Secretary

     7  Ms. Nazziwa Ponce


     8  Ms. Nalujja Oliver

    Office Attendant

     9  Mr. Mukasa William














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