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Faculty of Special Needs Staffing





  1. Mr. Nuwagaba E.L., BACE (MUK), M.Ed [Ad. Ed] (UKZN), Dip (Ad.Ed) UNZA, Cert. (Ad.Ed) AALAE - Acting Head of Department
  2. Ms. Alupo Grace, BACE (Hons) (Mak), M.Ed. (Adult Education) (Cand.) (UZN), Canon Lwanga Mugerwa B.A (Hon.) (MUK) MSW (George Williams College) (U.S.A.)
  3. Dr. Fr. J. Mugalu, B.Theo Pontifical Urban Univ. Rome, B. Phil. (Pontifical Urban Univ). (Rome) PhD. Philosophical Studies
  4. Dr. Namwenge P., M.Sc. Population and Repro. Health, Certificate in HIV/AIDs Care, MB.ChB (MUK)
  5. Mr. Oteeni Samuel, BACE  (KyU) M.A Dev. Studies (Cand.) (UMU), Dip. Ed.
  6. Nakayenga Regina, BACE (Hons) (Mak), M.BA (ESAMI), Dip. Educ. (Mak.)
  7. Dr. Naiga Gudula Naiga Basaza, BSc. (Mak), PhD. (Dist. Ed.) (Ghent Un.), M.A. Sc.Ed.. (York Univ.), PGD Educ. (MaK)
  8. Dr. J.C. Katongole, PhD. (Wrzburg, Germany), M.A. Theol. (C.U.E.A.  Nairobi Kenya), Dip. Theol.(MUK), Dip. Phil. Rel. Stud. (Seminary Katigondo)
  9. Mr. Oyaro Peter, BA (SWSA) (Mak), PGD-CBR (KYU), Dip. Soc. Dev. (Mak.)
  10. Mr. Sserwadda Mathias, BAFA (Mak),.) MA. Dev. Stud. (UMU), PGD CBR (KYU), Dip Env (MIEEDS), PGDE (UMU) Cand
  11. Ms. Nakimuli Reticia, BASS (Mak), M. BA (Mak)
  12. Ms. Kulabako Mary, BACE (Hons) (KYU), MA Voc. Ped. (Cand.) (KYU), , Dip. Educ. (Sec) ITEK, Cert. Proj.Plan., Cert.. Comp., Cert. Bus. Sk.
  13. Ms. Mudibo Doreen, BACE (Hons) (KyU), MA Dev. Mgt (Univ. Agder, Kristians) (Cand.) Cert. Proj. Plan. Mgt., Cert. Comp.
  14. Mr. Mugambwa Joshua, BAFA (Mak) MA.Gov & Dev., (Univ.Antwerp), PGDE (Nam. Univ.), PGDM (UMI),)
  15. Mr. Kaweesi Edward Festo, BACE (Hons) (KyU), Dip. Guid. & Cou (KyU), Cert. Guid. & Coun. (KYU), Cert. Adv. Com.Sk.
  16. Asiimwe Richard, BSC. UDA, MBA, , DPPMTOT, Cert. Lead. ACCA level 3


  1. Mr. Asher Bayo, B.Phil. Ed, M.Phil.SNE,., Dip. Sped, Cert. MBR,- Head of Department,
  2. Mr. Vincent Paul Ojwang, B.A (Hons Psy), MSc. CDS, M.A. Ed, Dip. Physio
  3. Mr. Victor Locoro, B.Ed, M.Phil. SNE-, M.A Dev. St. (Cand). (UMU),
  4. Mr. Moses Ddamulira, B.A SWASA, M.A SSP& M (Cand). (Mak), PGD CBR,
  5. Ms. Carolyn Maholo Serunkuma, BA. Soc. Sc., M.A Dev. Cand., PGDCBR
  6. Mrs. Tumwesigye Odette Niyisabwa, B.Ed, M.Phil.SNE, (SNE), Dip. Sped, Cert. MBR,
  7. Mr. David Khaemba Kam, B.Ed,. M. Phil. SNE Cand., Dip. SNE, Cert. MBR
  8. Mr. Kalule Duncan, B.A SWSA (Mak). Ph,.D (Cand). M. Dev. St. (UMU),
  9. Mr. Okuku Obomba Remigious, B.A. (Mak), M.A Journalism, (Wales), PDG Ed. (Mak),
  10. Ms Winnie Mataze, B.Ed. (PNG), M.A Dev. St. (UMU), B.A Ethics &Dev. St. (UMU),
  11. Ms. Flora Driwaru ,B.A. Ed. (Mak), PGD CBR (KyU)
  12. Mr. Agaba John, BACE, (UB), M.ACE, (MUK)).
  13. Mr. Kanyeisigye Charles, B.A SWSA (Mak), M.Dev. Stu. (UMU),
  14. Ms. Anne Martin Akum, BA S.Sc, PGD CBR (KyU)
  15. Mr. Fred Serunjogi, B.A Sc., PGD CBR (KYU)
  16. Ms. Kyosaba Winfred Biribonwa, B. G & C, Dip. Tr. Ed.
  17. Mr. Mark Semaganda, M.A SSPM Cand. B.SWASA (MUK)
  18. Mr. Mugisha Maguru Jimmy, B.A S.Sc., M.A Devt. St.,
  19. Mr. Ojok Patrick, B.Ed. SNE, M.Phil. SNE, , Dip. SNE
  20. Mr. Otim Charles, BA SWSA (UCU), M.A Devt. St., Dip. Soc. Devt.
  21. Mrs. Lukwago Annunciate, B. Ed., M.A Ed,. PGD SNE,


  1. Mr. George Willy Kutosi, B.Sc. (MAK), M.Ed. (Zim), , Dip.Sp.Ed (Perkins), Cert ACE (KyU)  Head of Department
  2. Dr. J. B. Okech, Ph. D. (Durham), Head of Publications and Editor African Journal of Special Needs Education..
  3. Ms Esther Grace Candiru, M. Phil. SNE (Oslo), Dip SNE (Head of Section Visual Impairment)
  4. Ms Juliet Wamala Nakalule, B.Ed SNE, (Mak)M, Phil SNE (Oslo), Dip SNE (Head of Section Mental Retardation and Learning Difficulties)
  5. Ms Prossy Suubi Nantongo, B.Ed SNE (Mak), M.Phil SNE,), Dip. SNE, (Head of Section Hearing Impairment)
  6. Aringo Lesley Helen, B.Phil.SNE, M.Phil. SNE, Dip. Educ. (Head of Section of SNE Materials Production and Information Services)
  7. Eron Lawrence, M.Phil.SNE, BDS, Dip.SNE,
  8. Okwaput Stackus, M.PhilSNE., HD, Dip.SNE
  9. Kiryahika Margaret Kyembabaz,i M.Ed., Dip. Ed.
  10. Kibuda Nicholas Namahalu, M.Phil., Dip.SNE, GD III
  11. Odeke Nato Joseph, B.Ed.SNE, M.Phil.SNE,
  12. Lule Dorothy Sarah, B.Sc., Dip. Educ
  13. Kasavubu Betty Grace, B.A.(Arts),.M.Phil.SNE, PGDSNE,
  14. Lutalo Sam, Dip. Deaf Studies
  15. Busingye Bonny, BACE, Cert SL Instructor
  16. Omugur Julius, B.Ed., M.Phil.SNE, Dip. Ed.
  17. Eria Paul Njuki, B.Phil SNE., M.Phil SNE,
  18. Mr. Musibala Peter, M.Phil (SNE) Oslo, Dip. Special Educ.  (ITEK), Tr Cert. Grade III (ITEK), Tr Cert. Grade II (MUK)
  19. Ms Masitura Suleiman, M.Phil.SNE, BDS, Dip.SpEd.
  20. Ms Florence Driwaru, B.A.Ed. PGDCBR.
  21. Katumba Nancy, Dip. Sign Language, BACE (Cand.)
  22. Okwele Richard, Cert. Sign Language.Atim Mary Stella, B.Phil. SNE, M.Ed, M.Phil.

Wadidi James Reddy, B.Ed. SNE, B.Phl, M.Phil.,SNE, Dip. SNE
Ssenyonga Maurice BSW, Dip. Deaf Studies

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Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation

Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation

Phone number:  +256 414 222 961

Mobile: +256 782 558 228

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or personal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dean: Lawrence ERON (PhD – UiO, Norway)



Head of Departments:

  1. Special Needs Studies: Stakus OKWAPUT (PhD -UiO, Norway)
  2. Community and Disability Studies: Patrick OJOK (PhD – Ilinois, Chicago, USA)
  3. Adult and Community Education: Michael David SUMANI (MACE -MuK)


The Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation has a long and rich tradition in the training of teachers and other professionals in special needs education, rehabilitation and inclusive development. The mission of the faculty is to ensure equalization of opportunities of persons with disabilities and other special needs through human resource development and production of assistive devices for promotion of learning and independent living. For this reason, all the students who study at the faculty undertake courses that are uniquely designed with skills in braille, sign language, mobility and orientation skills, early identification of learning needs and impairments in children, young people and adults.  

In addition, the Faculty, through its outreach programme collaborate with organizations of persons with disability and development partners in disability, special needs, inclusive education and rehabilitation to promote social justice and inclusive development.  The undergraduate and graduate programmes offered are located under the departments of Adult and Community Education (ACE), Community and Disability Studies (CDS) and Special Needs Studies (SNS). There are approximately 1037 students studying different courses in the faculty serviced by well qualified staff majorly with Doctoral Degrees and especially skilled in their areas of expertise in disability, special needs and inclusive education, rehabilitation, adult education, community development and social justice. The technical staff provide support services through Uganda Sign Language Interpreting, Mobility Guide and reading for the blind, and disability assessment and speech and language therapy.


The Faculty boasts of a strong collaboration with development partners with the view to promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other special needs. The following projects are currently being run in collaboration with other partners.

NORHED-Enable Project

This NORHED (Norwegian) supported programme is being implemented in collaboration with the University of Oslo- Norway, University of Dar es Salaam - Tanzania and Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE). The main activities are

  1. Human resource development at PhD and Masters level education
  2. Development of web-page on Sensory impairments (Visual, Hearing and Deafblind)
  3. Research in sensory impairments through Postdoctoral scholarships

Visio project

The Royal Dutch (Netherlands) government through its center for the blind and partially sighted (Visio) is working with the Faculty to screen, assess and rehabilitate students in ten secondary schools identified as having low vision. This programme involves Ministry of Health (Eye Rehabilitation department) Ministry of Education (Special Needs and Inclusive Education) and Regional Eye Hospitals where the schools are located.

Teacher Education Development for Inclusive Education

This is a programme being implemented in collaboration with Sight savers Uganda Country Office, Ministry of Education and Sports (departments of Teacher Instructor, Education and Training as well as Special Needs and Inclusive Education), National Union of Disabled People of Uganda (NUDIPU) and Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC). It is meant to

  1. Train tutors from all government and private Primary Teaches Colleges to develop skills to implement the special needs education component in the PTC curriculum. The intention is to pass out teachers with an inclusive orientation to support all children in their classes
  2. Advocate for an inclusive policy and provision that takes into consideration the needs of persons with disabilities.

PAGEL – Speech and Language Therapy Interventions

The Faculty is collaborating with the Leibniz University in Hannover (Germany), Kenyatta university and Muhimbili University of Health and allied Sciences to implement a speech and language therapy intervention for babies, young children, adults and seniors (elders). The first phase of the programme has been on human resource development for a sustainable speech and Language Therapy support in a form that is cost effective for the country.


In addition, the Faculty has partnered with many Civil Society Organizations (CSO)and institutions to promote the inclusion of learners with disabilities and guide on rehabilitation services needed. These include Cheshire Services Uganda, World Vision and Uganda People Defense Forces (Mubende Rehabilitation Unit). The Center for Visual Impairment which is currently being used as the Disability Support Center serves all students with disabilities across the university who need their coursework and reading materials modified in a form that can be easy to read. Other persons with disabilities visit the center to seek different rehabilitation and professional support for independent living. The services are offered as a contribution of the University to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the National Development Plan on the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The following services at your disposal

  1. Production and transcription of all print materials in Braille,
  2. Testing and production of ear mould
  3. Production of low cost assistive devices
  4. Assessment of disabilities and other special needs as well as providing early stimulation for preschool or learners with severe learning needs at Early Childhood Learning and Assessment Center (ECLAC).  



Department of Adult and Community Education

The department is a Chair for UNESCO for Kyambogo University in Adult education development and offers the following programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (BACE)        - 3 years
  2. Certificate in Adult Education (CACE)                                 - 1 year

These programmes are uniquely grounded in addressing community development and special needs of adults with different categories of Disabilities (PWDs)and other special needs to realize their potential and contribute to personal and national development.

Department of Community and Disability Studies

Currently the Department offers Programmes that emphasizes the rehabilitation and promotion of human rights, social justice, empowerment and equalization of opportunities of persons with disabilities and other special needs. The programmes admits both direct entrants (A ‘level leavers and in-service officers to study during the day and evening into:

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation (PGD CBR)     - 1 Year (study time flexible)
  2. Bachelor of Community Based Rehabilitation (BCBR)                                  - 3 Years
  3. Bachelor of Community Development and Social Justice(BCDSJ)               - 3 Years
  4. Diploma in Mobility and Rehabilitation (DMR)                                                - 2 Years
  5. Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation (DCBR)                                    - 2 Years

Department of Special Needs Studies

The department comprise programme that were started at the institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo and later the Uganda National Institute of Special Education (UNISE) in training of teachers and production of assistive devices and learning materials. It offers programmes that prepares individuals to be teachers of the blind and low vision (visual impairment), deaf and hard of hearing (hearing impairment and of children with autism, down syndrome and other forms of neurological difficulties (intellectual Impairment). The following programmes are offered:

  1. Masters in Special Needs Education                          - 2years
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Special Needs Education   - 1 year
  3. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education   - 2 years
  4. Diploma in Special Needs Education                         - 2 years
  5. Diploma in Deaf Education                                        - 2 years (New)
  6. Certificate in Sign Language Interpretation               -1 year (New)

I call upon all of you to reach out to us for tailor made trainings, advice on interventions and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and other special needs as well as utilizing our immense expertise for consultancies.

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