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Online Library Resources

Kyambogo University Online Resources 



  • AGORA: one of Research4life databases
    The AGORA site (courtesy of FAO), provides free or low-cost access to major scientific journals in agriculture, and related biological, environmental and social sciences for public academic institutions in developing countries.
  • American Chemical Society: Access by IP address authentication 
    ACS provides more than 30 high quality, high impact journals and magazines countrywide for all academic, research and educational libraries within participating countries, in chemistry and related fields.
  • American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE): Access by IP address authentication
    Journals on agriculture and biological engineering.
  • American Society of Civil Engineers: Access by IP address authentication
    ASCE Journals Online provides unprecedented access to 30 journals encompassing more than 18,500 full-text papers published since 1995 - that's over 175,000 pages! Approximately 1500 new papers will be added each year.
  • Blackwell-Synergy/Wiley InterScience: Access by IP address authentication 
    Blackwell-Synergy (now merged with Wiley InterScience) provides access to over 750 peer-reviewed journals in a wide range of academic disciplines, namely: Science, Technology, Medicine, Humanities, and Social Sciences.
  • Cambridge Journals Online: Access by IP address authentication
    This database provides access to over 190 journal titles in Linguistics, Politics, Medicine, Science, Technology, Social Science, and Humanities.
  • The Cochrane Library: Access by IP address authentication
    The Cochrane Library is a medical/health resource database comprised of critical reviews, abstracts and trails in all branches of medicine and health care.
  • EBSCO: Access by IP address authentication
    The EBSCO Host Site is a collection of online databases of journals and other learned content. Under the PERI programme, access is provided to 8 databases (Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, ERIC, Masterfile Premier, Newspaper Source, Health Source Nursing Academic, Health Source Customer Edition, and MEDLINE), which can be searched individually or in groups by selection.
  • Emerald Group Publishing Limited:
    The Emerald database offers the world├óÔé¼Ôäós widest range of over 100 journal titles in management, librarianship, information communication and technology, most of them in full text.

(This resource can only be accessed from the Library ICT Lab)

GALE (THOMAS LEARING): Access by IP address authentication

  1. Academic ASP provides access to full-text periodical articles on Current events, Economics, Education, History, Humanities, Literature and Art, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.
  2. Health and Wellness Resource Center provides access to journals, magazines, newspapers, definitions, directories, and information on health-related issues.
  • HINARI: One of Research4life databases
    The HINARI site (courtesy of WHO), provides free or low-cost access to 2300 biomedical and related social sciences journals and other resources for the health sector and academic

(This resource can only be accessed from the Library ICT Lab)

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:
    IEEE provides full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. IEEE also contains full text documents from IEEE journals, transactions, magazines, letters, conference proceedings, standards, and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) publications.
  • Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP): Access by IP address authentication
    IOPP offers access to journals in Physics and other related disciplines available in full text.
  • International Forestry Review: Access by IP address authentication
    International Forestry Review is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes papers, research notes, and book reviews on all aspects of forestry and forest research.
  • NISC: Access by IP address authentication
    Provides access to 4 databases on Africa covering a wide range of information about Africa. These databases include African HealthLine, Africa-Wide: NiPAD (NISC information, Publications and African Databases), Fish & Fisheries Worldwide and Water Resources Worldwide.  
  • OARE: One of Research4life databases
    Online Access to Research in the Environment is an international public-private consortium coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), YaleUniversity, and leading science and technology publishers. It enables developing countries to gain free access to one of the world's largest collections of environmental science literature.
  • OxfordUniversity Press (OUP) Oxford Scholarship Online: Access by IP address authentication
    Provides access to articles on religion, political science, economics and finance modules.
  • Palgrave Macmillan Journals (access not activated):
    The site provides access to journals mainly in the social sciences and the humanities.
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): Access by IP address authentication
    Under the PERI programme, this site provides access to a collection of journals in the field of chemistry.
  • The Royal Society of London: Access by IP address authentication
    This database provides access to articles in the fields of science and technology.
  • Sage Publications: Access by IP address authentication
    Over 490 journals in the humanities, social sciences and STM.
  • SpringerLink (only 50 titles): 
    To search the whole database, click this link:
    SpringerLink provides access to journals mainly in the fields of science, engineering, technology and other related disciplines.


The resources in this category are e-journals, e-books and resourceful information contained in conference proceedings and reports.

  • American Physical Society: Access by IP address authentication
    APS provides access to the Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) and ten journals produced by the American Physical Society.
  • Annual Reviews: Access by IP address authentication
    Annual Reviews provides researchers, professors, and scientific professionals with a definitive academic resource in 34 scientific disciplines. Reviews publications are among the highest cited publications by impact factor according to the Institute for Scientific Information® (ISI).
  • Beech Tree Publishing: Access by IP address authentication
    Three international, peer-reviewed academic journals in the fields of Public policy for science and technology, Research, Environmental, social, health and other impacts.
  • Free Access to Science provided under the WashingtonDC Principles
    The resources outlined on this site are published research findings by Medical/Scientific Societies and Publishers like: American Society for Human GeneticsIEEE University Library
  • Geological Society: Access by IP address authentication
    Publishes the most topical and highest quality articles covering the full range of the Earth sciences. The Journal features short communications, interdisciplinary articles and reviews in key areas, and is one of the key titles for researchers in the geosciences.
  • Institution of Chemical Engineers: Access by IP address authentication
    Provide access to four journals, each containing original, peer-reviewed chemical, process and related engineering research
  • Jstor
    JSTOR offers both multidisciplinary and discipline-specific collections, such as arts and sciences, as well as Biological Sciences, Ecology & Botany, Health & General Sciences. Other disciplines include Mathematics, Statistics and Business.

(This resource can only be accessed from the Library ICT Lab)

  • Mary Ann Liebert Publishers: Access by IP address authentication
    Mary Ann Liebert database offers access to 55 authoritative publications in the most exciting and promising areas of biomedical research, clinical medicine & surgery, and law.
  • Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland MinAbs Online
    This database contains about 120,000 abstracts relating to the earth sciences, mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, economic geology, gemology, extraterrestrial mineralogy, environmental science and nano-particle science.
  • NationalAcademy Press (US): Access by IP address authentication
    NAP provides free access to books on Science, Engineering and Medicine.
  • Oxford University Press (OUP): Access by IP address authentication
    The OUP site offers access to journals in the following subject fields: Art history & Visual culture, Biochemistry & Molecular biology, Biology & Ecology, Communication studies, Computing & Engineering, Economics & Business, Genetics, Geoscience, Health sciences, History, Language studies, Linguistics & Philology, Law, Literary studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Music, Neurology & Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Political science, Psychology & Psychiatry, Religion, Sociology, Social policy, and Social work.
  • University of Chicago Press: Access by IP address authentication
    UCP provides full text access to journal articles on Astronomy, education, humanities, law, life and physical sciences, medical sciences and social sciences.
  • University of California Press: Access by IP address authentication
    It provides 7 journals covering area studies, history of Science, human research and bioethics, sociology and social interaction.


Libhub: Access is by IP address authentication

Provides access to articles from several publishers, using a single user interface. This is a one stop hub that allows you to access different databases in one location.


A collection of peer reviewed and full text educational resources

Science Direct

A leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 journals and almost 20,000 books. In physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, Health sciences, Social sciences and humanities

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Library Resources


List of Full-Text Journal Databases:



Ebrary: Provides access to multidisciplinary Collection of books

OUP - E-Books American National Biography

American National Biography Online is the premier biographical work on people from all eras who have influenced and shaped American history and culture. You'll find profiles of more than 19,000 men and women from all walks of American life, from the well-known to the infamous to the obscure.

OUP - E-books Dictionary of National Biography

Explore the lives of over 57,000 people worldwide who have shaped the British past over the last 2,400 years from the 4th-century BC Greek explorer Pytheas to Princess Diana, and from the founding fathers of America to the Nawabs of Bengal.

OUP - E-books Grove Art Online;jsessionid=6ADF8292BCBF59F44E95E69EDE6DF724

An award-winning resource on every aspect of the visual arts from prehistory to the present day

OUP - E-books Grove Music Online;jsessionid=1FB3F55691323EBB5997F1BB3E4C84A5

Offers over 55,000 articles on people and places, instruments and techniques, genres and styles.

OUP - E-books International Law in Domestic Courts

The International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC), accessed through Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL) brings together decisions on public international law from international courts and tribunals, domestic courts and ad hoc tribunals. In-depth information includes:Headnote, Summary of case facts and judicial holdings, Full text of the opinion of the court, Analytical commentary from scholarly experts, Accurate translations into English of key passages of non-English decisions, List of cases and instruments cited, and other stages in the same proceedings

OUP - E-Books Oxford English Dictionary Online

The Oxford English Dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over 600,000 words, both present and past. It traces the usage of words through 3 million quotations from a wide range of international English language sources, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books

OUP - E-books Oxford Reference Online

Offers access to top-quality, authoritative information on every subject from Art to Zoology.

OUP - E-books Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online is a cross-searchable library containing the full text of over 4,600 Oxford books in the humanities, social sciences, sciences medicine, and law. Specially-commissioned abstracts and keywords are available at book and chapter level, and at least 500 new and recently-published books are added each year.

Springer Link

Maklib subscribes for the ICT and Engineering eBooks (2014 publications), and Business & Economics and Social Science & Law eBooks (2015 publications)

List of E-resources subscribed by Kyambogo University

  1. Library Discovery Tool: Libhub/Kiox URL

Libhub is a One Stop Centre where one searches all the databases the library subscribes to. Libhub provides a single search interface for searching all the databases, including; INASP resources, Research4life and the Open Access Resources)

  1. Electronic Resources A-Z (In Alphabetical order)

American Chemical Society URL:

The American Chemical Society is the leading publisher of peer-reviewed research journals in the chemical and related sciences, serving scientific communities worldwide through an unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. Access is to over 35 high quality, high impact journals.

Acoustical Society of America URL

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA)

American Institute of Physics URL  

AIP publishes 12 journals, 2 magazines, and a conference proceedings series. AIP's Scitation platform hosts over 2 million articles from more than 200 scholarly publications for 28 earned society publishers.

American Physical Society URL:

Access to the Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) and journals produced by the American Physical Society.

American Society of Civil Engineers URL:

ASCE Journals Online provides unprecedented access to 33 Peer-reviewed journals with more than 60,000 full-text papers and a 31-Year archive from 1983 to the present. 

British Institute of Radiology URL:

Access to British Journal of Radiology (BJR) and Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (DMFR)

Global Health.URL:

Global Health is a bibliographical abstract and indexing database specialising in public health, human nutrition, parasitic, communicable and tropical diseases and medicinal plants. It provides access to abstracts of the world's research literature from 1973 to present with coverage of English and foreign language journals, books, research reports, patents and standards, dissertations, conference proceedings, annual reports, developing country information and other difficult to obtain literature.

Cambridge University Press URL:

Full text of over 323 Cambridge University Press Online Journals.

Canadian Science Publishing (publisher of the NRC Research Press journals) URL:

Full text of 17 online peer-reviewed journals in a broad range of scientific disciplines with back files dating back to 1996 in most cases.

Cochrane Library URL

The Cochrane Library is a collection of online searchable databases containing high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane Reviews represent the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical treatment decisions. In addition to Cochrane Reviews, The Cochrane Library provides other sources of reliable information, from other systematic reviews abstracts, technology assessments, economic evaluations and individual clinical trials all the current evidence in one single environment.

Edinburgh University Press URL

Edinburgh University Press publishes over 35 journals across a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Emerald Publishing Group LimiteURL:

Full-text access features Emerald HR, Learning & Organization Studies (25 journals) andEmerald Accounting, Finance & Economics (39 journals) all of which are peer-reviewed and fully searchable full text journals.

HST-Libraries in a Digital Age URL: http://

Specially prepared, online, animated, audio-visual lectures by world leading authorities on library developments in a digital environment for researchers and university faculty members.

Henry Stewart Talks The Marketing & Management Collection (TMMC) URL:

TMMC is specially prepared, online, animated, audio-visual lectures by world leading authorities on topics in marketing and management for researchers and university faculty members.

Subject strengths: Marketing and Management

IET Digital Library URL:

Over 20 Research journals and letters in electrical and electronic engineering

International Monetary Fund (IMF) URL:

The IMF is viewed as one of the worldÔÇÖs most authoritative sources for economic information, analysis and harmonized statistics.  IMF eLibrary provides comprehensive data and original analysis, with coverage of almost every economy in the world and a special focus on developing and emerging economies.

IOP Publishing URL:

IOP publishes over 60 of the world's most prestigious journals in physics and related sciences, all available online through IOP publishing.


JSTOR is a growing digital library of more than 2,000 academic journals, 20,000 books, and 2 million primary source objects.JSTOR helps students, scholars, and other individuals discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform.

Mary Ann Liebert URL:

Founded in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is universally acknowledged for establishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals in the most promising areas of biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, and law. Liebert Online delivers electronic access to peer-reviewed journals published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Nature Publishing Group URL:

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a publisher of high impact scientific and medical information in print and online. NPG publishes journals, online databases and services across the life, physical, chemical and applied sciences and clinical medicine.

Oxford University Press URL:

Oxford Journals publishes journals from science, technical, professional, medical, humanities, arts and social science disciplines.

Palgrave Macmillan Journals URL:

Palgrave Macmillan offers a combined portfolio of over 70 peer-reviewed e-journals.

Policy Press URL:

The Policy Press publishes four highly prestigious journals in the fields of public and social policy. Policy Press is a leading specialist social science publisher committed to journals that will have an impact on research, learning, policy and practice at an international level.

Project MUSE URL:

Project MUSE provides online access to 500 full-text journals from 200 non-profit publishers in the humanities and social sciences.

Royal College of Physicians URL:

Clinical Medicine journal is read by leading physicians in hospitals across the world. It features articles covering original research, current issues, ethics, law, clinical governance and audit, and also reports on prestigious College lectures and conferences.

Royal SocietyURL:

Ten leading international journals from the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science. Titles cover the whole of the biological and physical sciences, and include Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the world's first science journal.

Royal Society for Chemistry - RSC Journals Online URL:

37 full text journals spanning all branches of chemistry, plus a range of key databases in analytical chemistry, catalysts and catalysed reactions, organic synthesis and natural products plus its online series of specialist periodical reports, and a range of key databases.

Sage Online Journals URL:

Over 550 journals in the business, humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine (STM).

University of Chicago Journals URL:

The University of Chicago Press publishes nearly fifty scholarly journals, many on behalf of some of the world's most prestigious societies, and several that were the first scholarly publications in their respective fields. The journals present original research in the social sciences, humanities, education, and biological and physical sciences.

Wiley Online Library HSS
Wiley Online Library is a leading international resource for scholarly content providing access to millions of articles across a wide range of journals. This package provides access to over 500 journals in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

World BankURL:,,contentMDK:20062181~pagePK:98400~piPK:98424~theSitePK:95474,00.html

The World Bank e-Library is an electronic portal to the World Bank's full-text collection of books, reports/working papers, journals and other documents on social and economic development. It is the most comprehensive collections in the area and it brings together, in PDF format, a fully indexed and cross-searchable database of 6,000+ titles, as well as every new title as it becomes available in print. In addition, subscribers have access to information not available in print. eLibrary is fully searchable by subject, region, keyword, title, author, abstract, or year of publication.

  1. Research4Life resources (To request for a password, please send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) program is coordinated by WIPO together with its partners in the publishing industry with the aim to increase the availability of scientific and technical information in developing countries.

By improving access to scholarly literature from diverse fields of science and technology, ARDI seeks to:

  • reinforce the capacity of developing countries to participate in the global knowledge economy; and
  • support researchers in developing countries in creating and developing new solutions to technical challenges faced on a local and global level.

Currently, 17 publishers provide access to around 20,000 journals, books, and reference works for 117 developing countries and territories through ARDI.


The AGORA program, set up by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) together with major publishers, enables developing countries to gain access to an outstanding digital library collection in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences. AGORA provides a collection of more than 3500 key journals and 3300 books to 2500 institutions in 116 countries. AGORA is designed to enhance the scholarship of the many thousands of students, faculty and researchers in agriculture and life sciences in the developing world.


HINARI Programme set up by WHO together with major publishers, enables low- and middle- income countries to gain access to one of the world's largest collections of biomedical and health literature. Up to 13,000 journals (in 30 different languages), up to 29,000 e-books, up to 70 other information resources are now available to health institutions in more than 100 countries, areas and territories benefiting many thousands of health workers and researchers, and in turn, contributing to improve world health.


Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE) is led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in partnership with major publishers. The programme enables developing countries to gain access to one of the worldÔÇÖs largest collections of environmental science research.

OARE enhances environmental research by connecting academics, researchers and policy makers in low and middle income countries with online research and scholarly information. Up to 5710 peer reviewed journals and 1119 online books, and other information resources are available to environmental institutions in more than 100 countries benefitting many thousands of environment researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators, and students.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) URL
The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) is a discovery service for peer reviewed books published under an open access license. DOAB provides a searchable index to the information about these books, with links to the full texts of the publications at the publisher's website or repository.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) URL
The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and languages.

OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories. Contain digital collections that preserve and provide access of intellectual output of an institution, and content varies i.e. could be open or closed, though open is encouraged today.EachOpenDOAR repository has been visited by project staff to check the information that is recorded there. This in-depth approach does not rely on automated analysis and gives a quality-controlled list of repositories.

As well as providing a simple repository list, OpenDOAR lets you search for repositories or search repository contents

Open Access Journal

Bioline International URL:
Bioline International is a not-for-profit scholarly publishing cooperative committed to providing open access to quality research journals published in developing countries. It provides open access to peer reviewed bioscience journals published in developing countries. The journals contain timely research on public health, international development, tropical medicine, food and nutritional security, and biodiversity 

British Medical Journal (BMJ):URL

Biomed central:URL

Free Medical Journals: URL

Public Library of Science:

Highwire Press URL:

HighWire Press is a division of the Stanford University Libraries that produces the online versions of peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly content. Resources include a vast database of full-text scholarly, high-impact materials. 

Alberta Law Review URL:

Amsterdam Law reform URL

Goettingen Journal of International Law URL:

Journal of Law and Commerce URL:

AnnalesGeophysicae URL:

Earth Planets and Space URL:

Current article of EPS are also available on Springer Open at:

Springer Open Journals URL:


Institutional repositories: ÔÇ£digital collections that preserve and provide access to the intellectual output of an institution.ÔÇØContents  in IR vary, some  could be open or closed, though open is encouraged.

Makerere Institutional Repository (Mak IR) URL:

Mak IR is a collection of scholarly output of by researchers of Makerere University, including scholarly articles and books, electronic theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, technical reports and digitised library collections. It is the official Institutional Repository (IR) of Makerere University.

Virginia Tech University URL:

Provides access to theses and dissertations generated by a variety of harvesters and search engines in cooperation with the NDLTD--Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations.

Ethos: Electronic Theses Online Service URL: ÔÇô Requires one to register

Provides access to over 350,000 UK  doctoral theses


Institutional repositories: ÔÇ£digital collections that preserve and provide access the intellectual output of a Subject area, Contents vary. Full text or bibliographic. Most of them are open access, examples,

Provides open access to 855,382 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics. Contains open e-print archive with over 100000 articles in physics, 10000 in mathematics, and 1000 in computer science.

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) URL:
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences.The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 490,600 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 399,400 downloadable full text documents in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. The eLibrary also includes the research papers of a number of Fee Based Partner Publications.

  1.  URL:

Open Access Educational Resources/Courseware

Provide open access learning objects: Quiz, Syllabi, course outline, notes, presentations, simulations, games, videos, podcasts etc. Mostly feature a community of users. Among others, these include:

Merlot URL:
MERLOT is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of higher education from around the world to share their learning materials and pedagogy.   MERLOT is a leading edge, user-centered, collection of peer reviewed higher education, online learning materials, catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services.

Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) URL:
The Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) is a partnership-based e-learning initiative to train individuals and support institutions and networks world-wide in the effective management of agricultural information. IMARK consists of a suite of distance learning resources, tools and communities on information management. There are separate portals in French and Spanish.

Open Educational Resources (OER) URL:

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse, without charge for teachers and learner Worldwide learning network of shared teaching and learning materials made freely available online. Grouped by subject area and grade

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Courseware URL:

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.

Tufts OpenCourseware URL:
Is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world
Tufts University is committed to offering the world's learners free access to its many academic resources. Tufts OpenCourseWare (OCW) seeks to capitalize on the potential of the internet to eliminate borders and geographic distance as obstacles to the instantaneous exchange of knowledge and new ideas. Unlike distance learning programs that charge tuition, provide formal instruction and limit participation, OpenCourseWare offers all course materials free to everyone with online access.

Public Domain Resources These include works that are out of copyright. These include among others:

Project Gutenberg URL:
Allows free download eBooks from kindle, android, ipad, nook, epub or read online.

Internet ArchiveURL:
The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public.

Download pdf versions here E-Resourcespdfkyambogo  E-books pdfkyambogo

More resources new click here 

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Library News Letter



Kyambogo University Library Service is currently compiling articles to publish the next issue of the library newsletter. You are hereby called upon to contribute articles and interesting stories about your experiences in the library. Both Kyambogo University staff members and students are eligible to contribute. The theme of this year issue is Easing information access. You can submit your articles to the persons below. Both soft and hard copies are welcome preferably not latter than 30th September 2014.

The persons to receive the articles are

1.Robert S. Buwule

Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation Library

North End

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.Happy Naphtali Kuteesa

Library ICT Lab

East End

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Library news letter 2014



In a bid to promote information and knowledge sharing, Kyambogo University Library services has reinvigorated the idea of publishing a periodical library newsletter to share their views with the concerned stakeholders and the public. What is contained in the newsletter depicts: achievements and challenges experienced in course of time.In this issue the library highlights development of its 2nd strategic plan and some inspiring articles onliteracy campaign in conjunction with Book Aid International, a brief on the stakeholders workshop and other aspects of experiences of library staff in the course of their duties.

Library staff wishes to invite other members of University community to participate in theproduction of this periodical publication by: writing articles on their views of the library, reviewing articles of library staff any otherconstructive comments and contributions that lead to improving the publication. With high anticipation of useful contributions, the editorial team wishes you enjoyable reading.
Naphtali Happy Kuteesa
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Library Staff









University Librarian

Barclays Library


Harriet Ntege

Deputy University Librarian

Barclays Library


Mary Nabbosa Kyagaba

Senior Assistant Librarian

Head Technical Section


Robert Stalone Buwule

Senior Assistant Librarian

Head FSN&R Library


Edward Mukiibi

Senior Assistant Librarian

Head West End Library


Scholastic Adibo

Assistant Librarian II

Head Education Library


James Okware

Assistant Librarian II

Head Evening Shift


Amina Namugenyi Ssaku

Assistant Librarian II

Head Circulation


Mary Acanit

Assistant Librarian II

Head Library ICT Lab


King David Tusubira

Assistant Librarian II

Technical Section Processing


Evelyn Nabwami

Assistant Librarian II

Disability Resource Centre


Norah Nampomba

Assistant Librarian II

Technical Section Acquisition


Fatuma Kabogoza

Assistant Librarian II

Circulation  West End Library


John Francis Mafuko

Assistant Librarian II

Rare Section


Paul Ngabirano

Assistant Librarian II

Library budgets & Procurement


Naphtali Happy Kuteesa

Assistant Librarian II

Library ICT Lab  Day Shift


Margaret Nakato

Assistant Librarian II

Circulation  FSNR Library


Francis Kamanda

Assistant Librarian II

Barclays Reserve Section


Christine Kazairwe

Administrative Assistant

Barclays Library


Viviene Nuwagaba

Administrative Assistant

Barclays Library


Agnes Acam

Library Assistant

Technical Section-Spine Labeling


Mable Kazooba

Library Assistant

Technical Section-Accessioning


Gorretti Nairuba

Library Assistant

Technical Section-Periodicals


Hillary Athocon

Library Assistant

Barclays Security-Evening shift


Tony Mukhwana

Library Assistant

Barclays Reserve-Day Shift


Perez Gidagui

Library Assistant

Education Library-Evening shift


Josephine Khwaka

Library Assistant

Education Library-Day Shift


Irene Igaba

Library Assistant

Reserve Section-West end


Ritah Kanyi

Library Assistant

FSNR Lib Issue Desk  Evening


Christopher Muwongo

Library Assistant

FSNR Lib Security Desk  Evening


Nangonzi Jane

Library Assistant

West end Issue Desk Evening


Odoki Joshua

Library Assistant

West end security Desk Evening


Sam Masika

Library Assistant

West end  Issue Desk  Day


Eric Musoba

Library Assistant

West end  Reprographic services


Lincoln Samuel Wamala

Library Assistant

Library ICT Lab-Evening Shift


Ismail Wangwe Gatuka

ICT Technician

Library ICT Lab


Jackson Kimeze




Prossy Kabanyoro

Library Attendant

Registration Desk-Barclays


Susan Nabirye

Library Attendant

Registration Desk-Barclays


Susan Twijukye

Library Attendant

Barclays Issue Desk Day


Vicent Omunyomong

Library Attendant

Barclays Security Desk- Day


Moses Muhumuza

Library Attendant

Barclays Issue Desk  Evening


Leonard Assimwe

Library Attendant

Barclays Security Desk- Evening


Robert Akugizibwe

Library Attendant

West end Issue Desk  Day


Scovia Natukwatsa

Library Attendant

West end Reserve- Day


Margaret Tukamuhabwa

Library Attendant

West end Reserve- Day


Jovia Nyirandikumana

Library Attendant

Education Reserve Day


Jackline Twongyeirwe

Library Attendant

FSNR Lib Issue desk - Day


Norah Nakabu

Office Attendant

Barclays Library


Ivan Ochwo

Office Attendant

Barclays Library


Hanifa Nakamya

Office Attendant

Education Library


Deogratius Wesonga

Office Attendant

Education Library


Aggrey Odupe

Office Attendant

West End Library


Catherine Namugga

Office Attendant

FSN&R Library


Joseph Ssentongo


Barclays Library


Moses Tenywa

Temporary/Casual Worker

Barclays Library


Amon Nuwareba

Temporary/Casual Worker

Barclays Library


Annet Kabahuma

Temporary/Casual Worker

Education Library


Mercy Nabukenya

Temporary/Casual Worker

Library ICT Lab

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Library DLIS


Diploma in Library and Information Services (DLIS)

Currently, Kyambogo University runs a Diploma in Library And Information Science (DLIS) Programme
Realizing the much need for library and information professionals in libraries of all kind, Non- Governmental Organizations, Government Departments, ITEK Library decided to start a Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLIS) course during the 1999/2000 academic year. The library has so far passed out two lots of graduates of this course.
Products of this course assist schools, Colleges, NGOs etc to properly manage, develop library and other information materials.
The library is also planning to introduce a Distance Course for the award of a Certificate in Library and Information Science.


Entry Requirements: At least 2 Principal passes at A-level OR Diploma in any Education or other discipline OR Certificate in Library and Information Science/Studies (CLIS) OR Grade III Teachers Certificate.
Duration of the course: 2 Academic years (4 semesters)
A proposal for a Library and Information Science Programme by distance learning is also in advanced stages

Bachelor of Library and Information Services (BLIS) and Certificate in Library and Information Services (CLIS)
BACHELOR OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE (BLIS) and Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLIS)- by distance
The introduction of these programmes is in advanced stages. A draft BLIS and CLIS-by Distance curriculum have been drafted and forwarded to the relevant organs of the University for approval.
Remember: A Quality Information System is what you need in this Millennium.


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Library Services


Photocopying services
Photocopying facilities are available in each library Services are offered at a fee Credit facilities are available to University Departments only.

Binding Services
The Library has a bindery which offers the following services for a fee:

  •  Repairs damaged reading materials
  •  Binding journals and newspapers
  •  Binding Theses/ Dissertations/ Research reports and any other documents.

Reference Services

Information/ Guidance regarding use of the Library

E-mail / Internet Services

These are currently located in the University Librarian's office at Barclays Library. Rates to access these services are displayed in the same office.

  • Lending services
  • Referral services
  • Current awareness services

The Library Computer Laboratory (58 Networked Computers)

The computer laboratory is now fully connected to the internet with Afsat as Internet Service Provider and is open to all library users (both Academic and Non-Academic staff and student users). The Lab has been set up to enhance library user's academics particularly in the area of research.
Major services provided by the computer lab are:

  •  Electronic Information Services (online databases)
  •  A digital Library (egranary) which is a collection of selected e-information resources in all fields
  •  Internet surfing
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Library Guidelines



Kyambogo University Library Service is the nerve center of all academic activities in the University. It provides a range of information resources and facilities.

Library Rules and Regulations

1. Working Hours

i) During Semester:

Monday  Friday
9.00 a.m  10.45 p.m

Saturdays & Sundays
9.00 a.m  6.00 p.m

ii) During Holidays

Monday  Friday
9.00 a.m  12.45p.m
2.00 p.m  5.00 p.m

iii) The Library remains closed on public holidays

Definition of Book

In these rules, the term BOOK covers all Library Reading Materials.


2.1 All present students and staff of Kyambogo University are entitled to use the Library as readers and borrowers, only after Registration as Library users.

2.2 Former students of ITEK and UPK who completed a regular course of study may apply to the University Librarian for individual reading and borrowing upon payment of the prescribed dues. The applicant will be required to give someone known to the University as a Referee.

2.3 Others intending to become external members (individual and/or institutional), will also be required to submit a written application to the University Librarian for such membership, giving someone well known to the University as a Referee.

2.4 External membership of the Library will consist of the following six categories:

2.4.1 Family of Staff; Annual subscription of US$3 (three) or its equivalent per person (excludes borrowing rights).

2.4.2 Alumni of ITEK or UPK  Annual subscription of US$30) Thirty or its equivalent plus a Referee (includes borrowing rights).

2.4.3 Present individual students and staff of Institutions affiliated to Kyambogo University, Annual subscription of US$10 (ten) or equivalent (includes borrowing rights). Application must be written through the Institutes Librarian or the Lecturer responsible for Library Service.

2.4.4 Other individuals  Annual Subscription US$50 (fifty) or equivalent (includes borrowing rights).

2.4.5 Casual users  user charge of US$5 (five) or equivalent per visit.

2.4.6 Institutional Membership  Annual subscription of US$100 (One hundred) or equivalent (includes Bibliographic, Reference and Current Awareness Services).


3.1 At the end of each Academic year for students.

3.2 On leaving employment of the University for staff.

3.3 On expiry of twelve Calendar months (one year) from the date of registration for external membership.


No person may borrow books from the Library until he/she has signed a Library registration form agreeing to abide by these Rules and Regulations. A copy of these Rules and Regulations will be availed to each prospective Library User on registration. On registration, a reader will be issued with Borrowing cards for:

4.1 Staff 6 Cards
4.2 Students 4 Cards
4.3 Others 2 Cards (For those categories with borrowing rights).


5.1 Borrowing cards are not inter-changeable. Therefore, a borrower remains responsible for a book as long as the borrowing form remains un-cancelled.

5.2 Lost borrowing cards must be reported to the University Librarian
in writing. Duplicate borrowing cards (in lieu of those reported lost) may be issued upon payment of US$1 (one) per card.
Notwithstanding such replacement, the reader will still be held responsible for any book borrowed on the

original card(s).

5.3 Academic staff of the University may borrow up to 6 volumes at a time for a period of four weeks or one vacation (except end of Academic Year long vacation).

5.1 Students of the University may borrow up to (4) four volumes at a time
for a period of two weeks or one vacation (except at the end of Academic Year.

5.5 Administrative and Technical staff of the University may borrow up to
Four (4) volumes at a time for a period of three (3) weeks.

5.6 An external borrower may borrow up to two (2) volumes at a time for
a period of four (4) weeks.

5.7 Books in excess of the above-stipulated numbers may be borrowed only in very exceptional circumstances and by written permission of the University Librarian.

5.8. A fine of Shs.100 (one hundred) per day reviewable periodically will be charged on every book retained beyond

the permitted loan period. Receipts will be issued for the payment.

5.9. Fines and charges for lost/damaged books will be regarded as debts to the University and in case of non-payment, a defaulter will be liable to disciplinary action.

5.10. Provided that the book is not reserved by another reader, a loan can be renewed but for not more than two consecutive times.

5.11. Any lost book(s) will have to be replaced either in kind or the cost of the book plus an administrative charge of 20% of the cost of the book.

5.12 Clearance certificate will not be issued unless all borrowed book(s) are returned. All lost books must be replaced by the borrower as in 5.11 above.


6.1 Silence is to be observed in all public reading areas.
6.1.1 Mobile phones should be switched off when in the Library.

6.2 Bags, briefcases, metallic containers, umbrellas, overcoats, etc., must be left in the place provided for the purpose at the circulation desk at a fee of Shs.100 (one hundred) per item per entry, reviewable periodically. Such items must be securely locked or protected, as the Library will not be responsible for their contents. However, before locking, the owner may be required to show the staff on duty the contents in the bag, brief case, etc.

6.3 Smoking and consumption of food and drinks in the library are forbidden.

6.4 Reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted. The Library staff may remove books and other personal effects left for any length of time on chairs and tables. The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left lying on reading tables.

6.5 Books consulted within the Library should be left on the tables after use and not replaced on the shelves by readers. Please do not reshelf books.

6.6 All readers leaving the Library in possession of books, papers, folders/Box files, etc., must show them to the Library Attendant or any members of the Library staff for checking at the point of exit.

6.7 Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of these rules and regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspension from the use of the Library, not withstanding any other appropriate action.

6.8 A suspended user shall re-apply in writing to the University Librarian for re-admission to Library membership.

6.9 These rules and regulations are subject to revision either in full or in part at any time.

7. These Library rules and regulations apply uniformly to all sub-libraries/resource centers of Kyambogo University.


In your interest and in the interest of future Library users, you are advised to be security conscious. Be vigilant while in the Library. The reader next to you may be a thief or a mutilator of a very valuable book/document please report anyone you suspect of any wrong doing to any Library staff around.


Just in case you are unable to get what you want from Kyambogo University Library Service, try any of the following:

1. Makerere University

2. The British council Library located:
Ground Floor, Rwenzori courts
Plot 2 & 4A Nakasero Road, Kampala.

3. The American Information Centre
Located at the American Embassy Building,
Gaba Road, Kampala.

4. The Women International Cross Cultural Exchange (SIS/WICCE) Library
Plot 32 Bukoto Street, Kamwokya, Kampala.

5. World Bank Library
First Floor Rwenzori House

6. Public Libraries Board Library
11 Bombo Road (Entrance on Buganda Road)

7. Kampala Library
City Council Building

8. Kawanda Agricultural Research Station, Kawanda

9. Namulonge Agricultural and Animal Research Institute, Namulonge

10. Uganda Christian University, Mukono

11. Centre for Basic Research, Kololo Kampala

12. A number of Government Ministries, Banks, Schools and Colleges in and around Kampala do have Libraries. The staff in these places would be happy to assist you. In some places, please be prepared to pay a small fee to use their facilities.

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Library Branches


Barclays Library

Barclays Library is located on Eastern End of the administration building. It comprises of two bocks, i.e. the lower Block and Upper Block separated by a portico. The upper block has two floors: Ground and Upper floors.
The following are located on the ground floor. Librarian's Office, Workroom, Email/ Internet facilities, Reading space for about 1540 readers.

In Barclays Library reading materials are to be found in the following sections:-

  • Book Bank
  • Open Shelves
  •  Reserve Bank 
  •  Rare Collections
  •  Reference Collection
  •  Journal/Newspaper Collection
  •   Archives

West End Library

The West End Library is located on the west of the School of Science and to the North of the main Hall. It has three levels. The Ground Floor, The Upper floor and the Basement.

The following are located on the ground floor.

  •  Open shelves
  •  Workroom
  •   Librarian's Office
  •   Catalogue Cabinet
  •   Reading area for 246 readers
  •   Circulation / Issue Desk

The following are located on the upper floor

  •  Storage space for newly acquired materials
  •  Reading space for 40 reader
  •  Temporary processing area

The basement has the following:

  • Toilets
  •  The Archive

Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation (FSN&R)
The FSN&R Library is located at the Faculty of SN&R. It comprises information on Special Education, Disability, Rehabilitation and Community Studies.

The Library has the following divisions:

  •  Disability Resource Center
  •  Library and Information Access Center for the visually impaired. This section has a Braille printer and Voice Synthesiser, and a CCTV reader,
  • Computers with JAWS programme and Internet.
  • Open Shelves/ Reading Area
  •  Archive
  •  Reserve Section
  •  Card Catalogue Cabinet
  •  Circulation/ Issue Desk
  •  Photocopying


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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brief Background
Kyambogo University Library was established in 2003 following the merger of the three principal institutions, namely UPK, ITEK and UNISE.
Kyambogo University Library Services has three major centers, one on the East End known as Barclays Library, and the other on West End of the University and the other in the Special Needs and Rehabilitation Faculty known as Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation Library (FSN&RL). There is also an Education Library based in the Faculty of Education.
To be a Leading provider of Research Information in Education, Science, Technology and Humanities.
To facilitate the acquisition and advancement of knowledge and skills through the provision of information, teaching and research.
To Serve and Not Seek for Rest



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