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Welcome to the Kyambogo University (KYU) Guild On-line presence. 

In KYU, the guild means the entire students' body. Its membership is drawn from all the registered under graduates, masters, post graduate diploma, and certificate students. All the students are entitled to paying the guild fee which comprises of the membership fee and the subscription fee. This fee is paid by every student once in every academic year.
The fees is proposed by the guild representative council and approved by the university council through its organs.


  • The guild president is the chief executive of the guild government.
  • The president presides over the executive meetings.
  • Appoints special councilors from the guild representative council (GRC).
  • The president nominates members of the executive (cabinet) from the GRC with the exception of the Hall chairpersons. The nominees are approved by the GRC.
  • Together with the cabinet and the GRC, resolutions are discussed and passed to the university authorities for approval.
  • The president has powers to reshuffle, suspend or dismiss any member of the executive and replace them according to Article 8 clause 6 paragraphs a (d) and Article 10 clause 2(a). This can be done on grounds of grave indiscipline, insubordination, incompetence, abscondment from duty and/or any other misconduct deemed injurious to the name of the guild.The president in special cases summons the executive.
  • The president is also a signatory to all guild financial transactions.
  • In the event of temporary absence of a member of the cabinet, he/she delegates the duties of such a member to any cabinet member except when the minister of finance is absent, the president will him/herself be in charge of the duties of the minister.
  • The president is an ex-official in the guild committees but a full member of the guild disciplinary committee.
  • During executive and GRC meetings, he/ she has a casting vote and an original vote.


Kyambogo university students' guild is an organ established by the entire students fraternity. The leaders of the guild are democratically by the students yearly and the various posts are Guild president, Guild speaker and deputy, Guild representative councilors (GRCs), Committee members, hall Chairpersons, Hall secretaries, Chairperson Games union, The Guild executive appointed by the Guild president.
The guild comprises of registered students, associates, honorary members among others as in the guild constitution.
The guild discharges its duties as per the guild constitution.

The president has the following emergency powers:
1. To call for emergency cabinet meetings.
2. In consultation with the Dean of Students he/she takes emergency decisions on behalf of the guild in extra-ordinary circumstances but shall seek verification of the executive and the GRC.
3. Appoints a student representative to the university council from the GRC. Such a representative must be of the opposite sex to that of the president.
4. When the vice president cannot deputise, he/she shall delegate it to any other members of the executive.
5. The president exercises power as stipulated in the guild constitution Article 8 clause 6A(a-p)

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