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STEADILY TO LEAD by Jennifer Sibbo Rukundo PRO

Ag. DVC AA Hands Over

The DVC Finance and Admin P rof. Fabian Nabugoomu preside over the hand over of former AG. DVC Academic Affairs to Prof. Maria G.N Musoke the new DVC Academic Affairs.

IIC4 Conference

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    The English language Studies Section offers the following to the

    BAA & BA.ED students.

    Year I             Semester I

    EL 111:    Introduction to the Study of Language

    EL 112:   The Respective Skills of Communication

    Year II

    EL  211:    The Structure of English I (Phonetics & Phonology)

    EL  212:    The Structure of English II Grammar

    EL  213 :    Sociolinguistics

    EL  214 :    Vocabulary

    EL  215:      Functional varieties of English Language

    EL  216:      Language Culture & Ideology

    Year III

    311:      Materials development & Evaluation (teachers)

    312:     Morphology of English

    313:     Curriculum, syllabus & courser design for teachers

    314:     Research Methods in English Language

    315:     Discourse Analysis

    For the second semester the department offers:

    Year I       Semester II

     EL  121:  Theories of Language & Language Learning

     122:   The Productive Skills of Communication

    Year II

    EL   221:    Language Testing (Teachers)

     222:     English teaching methods (teachers)

     223:     Semantics

     224:     Translation Theory & Practice

     225:     English in Contact Conflict

     226:     The Structure of Complex Sentence

    Year III

    EL  321:    English Stylistics

    322:  English Language Teaching Methods I (teachers)

    323:    Drama in ELT/ELS

    324:    Editing & Publishing

    325:    Research report writing

    326:   Trends & issues in Contemporary English

    Bachelor of Education:

    This is a two year course offered to Diploma holder teachers who have served as teachers for at least three years.

    The department offers them the following courses.

    Year I      Semester I

    EL  111:   Introduction to the Study of Language

    112:   Listening & Speaking

    113:   Theories of language teaching & Language Learning

    Year I       Semester II

     EL  121:    Sociolinguistics in Language Teaching & Language Learning

    122:    The Structure of English I

    123:    Vocabulary

    124:    Reading & Writing

    Year II     Semester I

    EL 221:     Research Methods

    212:     The Structure of English II

    213:     Assessment

    214 :    ELT curriculum, syllabus & course design.

    Year II     Semester II

    EL  221:    English Stylistics

    222:    Materials Design, Production & Development

    223:    Drama in ELT

    224:    English for Specific

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