James Kagaari (PhD)

Acting, Head of Psychology Department.

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The Department is currently offering a Degree and Diploma in Guidance and Counseling and is designed to provide students with the knowledge, professional skills and competencies in the field of Counseling. This is to enable our graduates  develop a deeper understanding of local cultural realities and moral values in the helping relationship; it is also coupled with the knowledge of psychology, sociology, counseling skills and guidance activities by incorporating theories into practice.

The degree programme is unique because it includes an interesting combination of subjects ranging from Counseling the Aged, Psychopathology, and Drug Abuse Counseling among others. Such intense exposure to a wide range of subjects increases the number of opportunities that are available for students.  The graduates will be able to function as effective counselors upon graduation in multiple settings. The course ends with the Internship program, a capstone of 12 weeks working as a Counselor in institutions such as Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Higher Learning Institutions.

The need for the services of professionally qualified counselors in Uganda has become more urgent due to a rise in social problems as a result of many factors that may include demographic changes, social-economic- political and technological changes that could also be a result of globalization. Consequently, the job opportunities for graduates in Counseling are unlimited.

At Kyambogo University in the Department of Psychology, an emphasis is laid on the acquisition of soft skills such as using ICT, communication skills, public speaking, developing leadership skills, developing critical thinking and problem solving. It is these skills that have enabled our graduates to get a job after finishing their course.

Prospective graduates can come into our programme by joining the Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling Programme directly or by Diploma in Counseling & Guidance entry scheme. Kyambogo University is proud of their highly qualified and experienced staffs that provide a vibrant and contemporary learning environment towards excellence in academic and professional development. 

Arrangements are in the final stages to start two masters courses;

  • Master of Science  Progamme in Guidance and Counselling Psychology
  • Master of Psychology in Organisational and Educational Assessment.
  • Master of Educational Psychology
  • PhD



To promote knowledge, competence and excellence in providing accessible and affordable psychological services through capacity building.

Broad objectives/Mission

To train practical professionals to transform communities and organizations through restructuring, rehabilitation and consultative research in areas of psychology, counseling, mentoring, organizational and community development in line with Kyambogo University mission.

Specific Objectives

  1. To provide quality psychological counseling and organizational/Industrial programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.for participation participated in community outreach programmes.
  2. To train competent Organizational, Community and Educational Assessors who will implement the best practices in these settings.
  3. To promote consultancy, research and publications in the areas ofthat are relevant to community and organizational development
  4. To enhance student career preparedness and mentoring through relevant practicum/industrial placements.

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