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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is currently responsible for the teaching and research in Mathematics and Mathematics Education in the Faculties of Science and of Education but aims at expanding to teach Mathematics throughout the University. It offers courses for the BSc with Education who may major or minor in Mathematics, B Ed Secondary, BEd Primary/Tutors, and PGDTE/PGDE. 
The mission of the department is to provide first class teaching, learning and research in Mathematics/Mathematics Education and take leadership in the national effort to improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics especially at Secondary School level.

Strategic objectives for the department for the next five years are: 

  •  To transform teaching, learning and research through the use and application of Information Technology. 
  •  To develop programmes that provide skills for Mathematical Applications and research in the business, health and industrial sectors. 
  •  To forge closer links with industry, health, agriculture and commerce. 
  •  To support schools and colleges in curriculum and human resource development. 
  •  To consolidate existing research efforts and cultivate links with other disciplines. 





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