Bachelor of Science in Sport & Leisure Management

Bachelor of Science in Sport & Leisure Management

This is a three year programme that

Biennial Conference

provides students with professional, experience-based training in sport and leisure management, leading to flexible and open ended career development in the sport and leisure sector. Our graduates work in the Hospitality Industry including Tourism, Hotels, Sports/Health Clubs, and Corporations.

Minimum entry requirements: 2 principal passes at A level in arts or science subjects or; Diploma in a related field; or pass mature age entry examinations. Assessment is by Course work, examination & industrial placement.

Aims & Key Benefits

  • Provide students with professional, experience-based training in sport and leisure management
  • Provide a balance between professional and academic education in sport and leisure which leads to flexible and open career development in the sport and leisure sector
  • Prepare the student to make informal professional and entrepreneurial decisions and practices relating to sport and leisure

Specific Objectives
By the end of the programme learners should be able to:

  • Make technical and informed decisions in sport and leisure-related areas
  • Apply technical knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to tap and invest in sport and leisure
  • Design and carry out projects in sport and leisure-related fields
  • Create jobs for themselves
  • Demonstrate quality and excellence in jobs related to sport and leisure management
  • Exhibit academic, intellectual and professional skills; apply knowledge and skills learned to community work and mobilization for leisure, sport and recreation

Courses include
Year 1
Semester I

Communication skills & Humanities 
Historical & Contemporary Framework of Leisure 
Psychological & Sociological Perspectives in Leisure Science 
Introduction to PE/Sport 
Sports Biology 
Athletics I 
Soccer I 
Netball I 
Swimming I 

Semester II

  • Economics of Leisure 
  • Public Administration 
  • Data Collection, Analysis and Research methods 
  • Computer Usage & Technology 
  • Concepts of Physical fitness & Training 
  • Safety & Sports Injuries 
  • Athletics II
  • Volleyball I 
  • Basketball 
  • Handball 
  • Recess
  • Community Service & Leadership Skills

Year 2
Semester 1

  • Institutional & Statutory Framework of Leisure 
  • Leisure in Contemporary Society 
  • Marketing & Promotion 
  • Philosophy of PE & Sport 
  • History of PE & Sport 
  • Administration of PE & Sport I 
  • Athletics III 
  • Soccer II 
  • Netball II 
  • Swimming II

Semester 2

  • Management Sciences I 
  • Law 
  • Data Collection and Analysis & Research Methods I 
  • Introduction to Sport Sociology 
  • Introduction to Sport Psychology 
  • Comparative Physical Education & Sport 
  • Methods of Sport Instruction 
  • Adapted Physical Education & Sport 
  • Volleyball II 
  • Basketball II 
  • Cricket I 
  • Hockey I 
  • Recess
  • Leisure Placement I

Year 3
Semester 1

  • Entrepreneurship Skills 
  • Planning 
  • Management Sciences II 
  • Exercise Physiology 
  • Sport Biomechanics 
  • Sport Administration II 
  • Economics & Socio-political Issues in Sports 
  • Curriculum Design & Development in PE/Sport 
  • Sports Coaching I 
  • Aerobics 
  • Badminton

Semester 2

  • Project Work 
  • Growth Development & Motor Skill Acquisition 
  • Measurement, Assessment &Evaluation in PE/Sport 
  • Sports Coaching II 
  • Sports Psychology 
  • Training Theory & Design of programmes 
  • Management of Sports Clubs & Associations 
  • Leisure & Recreation Option 
  • Boxing Recess
  • Research Report 
  • Leisure Placement II

Other courses under Sports Science

Masters in Sports

Bachelor of Education (In Service)

Diploma in Physical Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Sports

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