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STEADILY TO LEAD by Jennifer Sibbo Rukundo PRO

Ag. DVC AA Hands Over

The DVC Finance and Admin P rof. Fabian Nabugoomu preside over the hand over of former AG. DVC Academic Affairs to Prof. Maria G.N Musoke the new DVC Academic Affairs.

IIC4 Conference

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    The programmes offered in the Department are as follows:

    • Postgraduate Degrees and Diploma (M.A, MVP,PGDVP and PGDE)

    • Undergraduate Degrees (BED, BVAD and BAID)

    • Diploma (DES, DID, TEXT: FAB DEC and CER)

    • Certificate (INT) 

    Post Graduate degrees and diplomas include M.A, PGDE, MVP, and PGDVP

    • M.A is a two year course in Industrial Art and Design.

    • There has been an introduction of a NOMA Masters Programme in Vocational Pedagogy which is housed in the Art and Design Department.

    • PGDE is a Postgraduate Diploma offered by the Faculty of Education but the component of Principles of Art Education and methods of teaching are offered in the Department of Art and Industrial Design.

    • The PGDVP is a Postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Pedagogy which evolved with the Masters in Vocational Pedagogy (MVP) to provide it with candidates interested in up grading in Vocational Pedagogy since it bears new concepts.

    Undergraduate Degrees

    • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed is offered by the Faculty of Education but taken as a double main in the Department of Art and Industrial Design. This is an in-service programme of two academic years to cater for DES teachers who would like to upgrade to a degree level.

    • Bachelor of Vocational Art and Design (BVAD) with Education is a pre-service programme of three years duration (six semesters). At completion one teaches art and craft up to ├óÔé¼╦£A├óÔé¼Ôäó level in secondary schools.

    • Bachelor of Art and Industrial Design (BAID) without education is a pre-service programme of three years (six semesters). At completion one is either a freelance artist/designer/employed in industry/or can opt to take a PGDE for one year to become a teacher of art and craft.

    Graduates of the BAID programme could benefit from the new programme of the Postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Pedagogy (PGDVP) or the proposed Masters Degree in Vocational Pedagogy.

    Diploma Programmes 

    The Department has continued to offer two years├óÔé¼Ôäó diploma programmes to create ladder/passage for learners who aspire for educational hierarchy or self employment through job creation. All diplomas are evening programmes:

    •  Diploma in Education Secondary (DES) is a two years programme where the examinations are done at the end of the year like all National Teachers Colleges (NTCs).

    • Diploma in Textiles: Fabric Decoration (TEXT: FAB. DEC) is a two years programme initiative to upgrade it to a degree is at the proposal stage. It is hoped that the degree in Textiles: Fabric Decoration will commence 2010/2011.

    • Diploma in Ceramics (CER) is a two years programme in which emphasis lies in the Exploration/ experimentation with the abundant clays of Uganda and 
      various indigenous methods of making and firing clay items. It is a popular two year programme.

    • Diploma in Interior Design (DID) which started as a Certificate of one year in Packages now run as a Diploma of two years. This programme is very popular because we are the only higher institution of learning offering it in Uganda and every year the Department witnesses an increase in the intake of students. Upgrading the programme to a degree status is in the pipeline.

    Certificate Programmes

    Certificate programmes create a passage for learners to educational hierarchy or job opportunities. The certificates are two semester programmes covered in a year.

    Interior Design and decoration is a new phenomenon in Uganda curriculum of education and as such the certificate level is one of the feeders to the diploma programme.

    Weaving programme offers vibrant skills that tap knowledge from various areas of study as well as promoting research into natural fibres for yarn. Uganda is blessed with natural fibres that with guided research could be utilized in production of various house hold, domestic and exportable items.

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