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STEADILY TO LEAD by Jennifer Sibbo Rukundo PRO

Ag. DVC AA Hands Over

The DVC Finance and Admin P rof. Fabian Nabugoomu preside over the hand over of former AG. DVC Academic Affairs to Prof. Maria G.N Musoke the new DVC Academic Affairs.

IIC4 Conference


    External funder: UNICEF
    Commencement date: July 2003
    Duration of the project 4 years
    Termination date: After completion of activities 
    Project coordinator at KYU: Faculty of Education


    1. To equip teachers with requisite knowledge and skills for identifying and managing psychosocial issues affecting learners.
    2. To promote social responsiveness and constructive social and gender relationships among learners.
    3. To create enabling teaching-learning atmosphere that provides emotional stability.

    Activities carried out 

    1. Training of trainers in the Northern, Eastern and Western region.
    2. Training of teachers in the Eastern Region.
    3. Development of Teachers├óÔé¼Ôäó Resource book on Psycho-social education.
    4. Pre-testing of draft resource book.
    5. Development of the draft facilitators├óÔé¼Ôäó guide.
    6. Training of tutors in the Northern and Eastern Regions on how to train teachers on the use of the resource book on psychosocial education in primary schools.


    1. Teachers, Tutors, CCTs, Inspectors of Schools in war affected areas equipped. With knowledge and skills on how to help children with psychosocial challenges.
    2. Developed Teachers Resource Book on psychosocial skills in primary schools.
    3. Distributed the psychosocial education Training framework to different stakeholders especially the users.
    4. Trained the tutors in war affected districts on psychosocial skills and how to train teachers in the same skills.
    5. Tutors started training teachers on Psychosocial Skills Education.


    1. Time allocated for different activities is inadequate so participants do not get enough time to do some practice of the new methods learnt.
    2. Some teachers trained in the psycho-social skills get transferred to other schools outside the war affected areas and teachers who did not get thee training are posted in the affected areas thus creating a need for more training to take place.

    Way Forward

    1. Monitoring the implementation of the ECD training framework.
    2. Training the teachers who are not trained in psycho social education.
    3. More training sessions for the trainers off train.
    4. Completion of the facilitators guide and disseminating it.
    5. Revising the Teachers Resource Book on Psychosocial Skills for primary Schools.
    6. Integrating psycho-social skills into the college and the Primary School Curriculum/Syllabi.

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